It came as a surprise to us when customers started to report Facebook pages and websites that were selling Orange Screw ground anchors for $2.99. The sponsored ads and websites look quite real because they were using our photos, our videos, and our written content. After some investigation and communicating with our on-line community, we learned that these sites are engaging customers in a bait-and-switch game where they ship a very poor quality plastic ground screw that was manufactured in China. Some are not even orange!







Here’s how the scam works:

  1. First, scammers find a product that is selling well on Amazon and/or other on-line channels

  2. Then they head over to that company’s website and copy all their photos, videos, and text

  3. With the copied material, they open a new store on an e-commerce platform like Shopify populating the store with the copied photos, videos, and text

  4. Once their fake store is ready to receive orders, they create a Facebook or Instagram page and run sponsored ads that direct traffic to the store

  5. Since the scammers are advertising the product at such a low price, many  users will click on the link. Some will even enter their credit card information thinking they are receiving the unbelievable deal that was advertised

  6. Once they have a customer’s money, scammers ship a cheap imitation of the product, or nothing at all.

scam fake orange screw imitation

Here’s what you can do when you are shown a Facebook or Instagram ad showing a deal that seems to good to be true:

  • Check the manufacturer’s website to see if the “deal” even seems realistic

  • Email or message the manufacturer and ask if the ad is legitimate

If you get scammed:

  • Contact PayPal or your credit card company 

  • You can report your purchase directly to Facebook at:

    how to report scam to facebook orange screw

    If you’ve got any tips or comments, please reach out.

    Please keep sending us screenshots and links to the fake stores. 

    For now we are spending a significant portion of our time reporting these scammers and communicating with customers. At least I know we are in good company; there are many well known American companies going through the same thing. Although that’s somewhat comforting, I’d rather be spending this time testing and refining our next great idea.

    Kirby, founder of Orange Screw

    Orange Screw is committed to creating products that make it easier to do what you love in the outdoors. We manufacture everything in the USA, support our communities, and honor the natural environment. Orange Screw is based in Bingen, WA in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.