We recommend inserting the screws in a vertical orientation all they way to the top eyelet- no threads should be exposed. Once inserted, you can pull at any angle off the screw head.

This is a tricky question to definitively answer. There are so many unknowns above and below the anchoring surface such as soil type, soil moisture, weather, how deep the screws are installed, what is being anchored, etc. We have tested and found maximum pullout resistance in a firm dry soil consisting of turf, clay, and fine gravel.

Large Ground Anchor:  Vertical pull: 419 pounds, 45* angle pull: 624 pounds

Load was applied to primary eyelet. Secondary eyelets are rated to 150 pounds.

Small Ground Anchor:  Vertical pull: 262 pounds, 45* angle pull: 389 pounds

Load was applied to primary eyelet. Secondary eyelet is rated to 50 pounds. Hook is rated to 20 pounds.

**These are not pullout ratings but an example how robust these screws are in a firm soil situation. The only way to know for sure is to test the screw in your application.

Our ground anchors work very well in packed snow but not ice. The screws are plastic and do not have a cutting edge for ice penetration. We have seen great success using the large ground screws for on-slope canopies at ski races.

Another tough question to answer with a definite number due to the variables listed above. Jasmine, one of our staff dogs, is a wild 65 pound mixed breed. We have tied her off to our small screw in firm soil and she cannot yank it out of the ground. We have customers who use them for pack goats and llamas and swear by them. If you have a big dog that pulls hard and you are trying to keep her from running loose on a sandy beach, they might not work. The only way to be absolutely sure is to test them for yourself.

Orange Screws have been used in an seafloor sediment study in the Gulf of Mexico that was conducted by a national engineering firm. Scuba divers inserted our large ground screws into the ocean floor to hold floats that were GPS tagged. Two weeks later the divers returned to find all their floats in place.

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