The ScrewDriver 2.0™

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Yes, that says 2.0

We listened to your feedback from the original ScrewDriver™ and designed one that is even better! You requested the versatility for one tool to work with both sizes of our screws. You requested a beefier chuck to resist rounding. You requested a more accessible price. DONE, DONE, and DONE!

The ScrewDriver 2.0 attaches to a standard cordless drill and will quickly and easily drive our large and small ground screws into the ground. This strong and versatile tool is made of the same durable material as our screws. The 3/8" hex provides a crazy strong interface to your cordless drill.

The ScrewDriver 2.0 is a must have accessory if you use large numbers of Orange Screw ground anchors in a commercial setting or for those who just want to setup camp more quickly.

Available autumn 2022, please sign up and we will email you when it is ready!

*Use the ScrewDriver 2.0™ tool with a cordless drill set to low speed and medium torque. Please be aware that when using a drill to drive Orange Screw® ground anchors, some strength in your wrist and arms will be needed to drive them in safely.
Made in Oregon and Washington, USA.


WEIGHT: 7.5oz

DIMENSIONS: 3 3/4” x 3 1/4" x 4" tall

MATERIAL: Injected molded polycarbonate with an aluminum insert and 3/8" black oxide coated chuck.

PACKAGE CONTENTS:ScrewDriver 2.0™ Tool

SKU: SD2.0